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How time management can help you organize your busy schedule more effectively and help maintain a healthy work-time balance.


We consistently save our clients 5 hours and more per day by transforming the roots of their productivity and time management paradox and problems. Most time management programs address the symptoms of the problem – being late, disorganized, distracted, procrastinating, waiting until the last minute- and give tips and strategies for dealing with these symptoms when they show up. Our clients get at the unconscious thoughts underlying their behaviour by doing 1 guided deep dive, using my 180 Degree Core Belief Reframe™.  Then we develop Personal Prompts that not only matches these sponsoring thoughts but also reverses them.

Used over time the prompts eliminate your debilitating chronic habits  permanently.


Amongst the top 10% professionals in their fields

Are interested in cutting edge technology programs

Are highly coachable and life-long learners

Are awarded, ranked and recognized as the movers and shakers of their industries 

Were fed up not being able to fully enjoy the lives they work so hard far.

Refuse to miss one more chance to spend quality time with their friends and family

Want full nights' rest and time to rejuvenate 

Are no longer willing to sacrifice their personal lives for their personal productivity and vice versa.

Seek cutting-edge, sustainable technology to solve their productivity and time management challenges

Are willing to do what it takes to restore actual work-life balance



Here is the simple and highly effective 4-step process my clients use to help them get this result:

Your Time Management “STORY” and LIFE THEME gives you clarity about what stops you time wise.

By re-inventing these decisions from an adult place you Create your Tailor Made Personalized Time Management SOLUTION

Distinguishing and eliminating your Hangover habits gives you personal freedom.

Distinguishing and eliminating distractions and interruptions gives you control of your day.

Creating a Sacred Schedule gives you a structure and a template for your time.

Eliminating Procrastination for good gives you self-confidence

Eliminating your “To-do” list FOREVER gives you a future you are in complete charge of.

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