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What our clients are saying

"[Working with Tanya] was absolutely life-changing... I'm more focused, organized and realistic in using my time now. I also now have time for proper breaks, planning, exercise and family time, no matter how busy my week is."

Mel Larsen

Mel Larsen & Associates

Bespoke Marketing & Coaching for creative and visionary organisations

“If I were to pick three words to sum up what I got from [working with Tanya]... they would be "clarity, control and effortlessness." The day after doing it I felt completely in control of what I was doing - and I can't remember the last time I had that feeling. I recall saying I felt like a million dollars when I arrived at the office!"

Mark Lister

Business Consultant and Coach; Transforming Performance, Leadership and Culture.

"Tanya Dotson-Winckler, got me an over 250% (five-figure) return on my investment with her.  She empowered me to build on a series of victories that seem to magically beget more victories. My (part-time) business went from zero to five figures in six months and new business continues to come in."

Bathabile Mthombeni, J.D.

"Tanya has helped me get my life back! During our first session together, Tanya helped me not just with techniques, but to uncover habits that I had built that were hindering me from being more effective."

Anna Scheller

TV Show Host Sales Trainer

Sales Coach Providing Customer Service Workshops To Help You Excel at Sales


"I have booked appointments to further a project that was on my dream list but I was doing nothing about. I am enjoying spending time with my family instead of being preoccupied with what I should be doing. Yesterday I went to work then out in the evening on a weeknight - a rare treat. And everything got done which needed to be done."

Jacqui Gilliatt

Barrister, Chambers of Janet Mitchell

"I was looking for new ways to improve team cohesion and help staff with their time management. Tanya's dynamic and fun approach motivated and energised us all. I'm looking forward to the next one Tanya!"

Sumantro Ghose

Cultural Programmes Director, Department of Culture and Tourism, Qatar